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Experience – our future


Our company has an agreement with Bremnes Seashore AS at Bømlo, which is a processing plant located in top modern facilities providing slaughtering and packing services. During the whole processing chain they are strongly focused on high quality, and the company is approved with the standards GLOBALG.A.P., BRC and Friend of the Sea.
Bremnes also produces the unique product SALMA, and salmon from AS Bolaks is delivered to SALMA production as well as to international customers as the highly recognized company Rodé Vis of Urk, Netherlands.

Generations of quality and competence

The founders of AS Bolaks were highly skilled fishermen and they could never have dreamed that so much would be achieved from the creative experimentation and establishment of the company in 1975. They had knowledge about and respect for the sea, the willingness to take a risk, a clear focus on doing things right and a solid dose of elbow grease and fighting spirit. The next generation perfected the foundation and made AS Bolaks into the successful company it is today.

Throughout the entire history of the company, AS Bolaks has worked to conduct business in harmony and step with nature. Quality requirements have always formed the basis of all of our decision-making in terms of production, research, development and customer relationships. That is why it is important for us to ensure that our company has a solid enough foundation to build on into future. It is in the genes of AS Bolaks’ owners and employees to act appropriately and help create a serious industry that takes its social responsibility seriously. To succeed, we need to create good long-term relationships with the local community, customers, educational institutions, suppliers and the authorities.

When the three Holmefjord brothers established AS Bolaks on the 18th of December 1975, the Norwegian fish farming adventure was still in its infancy. Our rich history is built on the pioneering work of the mid-60s. We have helped write the history of fish farming in Norway and plan to continue contributing to the future of the fish farming adventure.

Vision: Experience – our future!

Throughout our vision, we wish to express our main focus during the whole production process:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Be an innovative company with high quality awareness
  • Be our customer’s first choice based on experience and tradition
  • Produce traceable and safe seafood of a constantly high quality
  • Place great emphasis on fish welfare and the environmental surroundings
  • A functioning quality assurance system
  • Enthusiastic and highly skilled employees
  • Safe working places

Code of Conduct

Corporate ethics are about how we behave towards each other and the world around us. The Code of Conduct is the foundation of our corporate culture and defines the core principles and ethical standards by which we create value in our company.

Taking AS Bolaks into the future

AS Bolaks is a company founded and owned by the Holmefjord family. Most of our salmon farming activities are located in the Municipality of Fusa in Hordaland, Norway. Two sites are located in the Municipality of Os. The head office is placed in Eikelandsosen, one hour drive from Bergen. AS Bolaks currently holds twelve licenses for salmon production. Two of these are for brood stocks, and the facilities for roe production are located at Lygrepollen, Fusa.

Per November 2016, AS Bolaks has approximately 60 employees and 3 trainees.

During the last 40 years, AS Bolaks has evolved into a modern company with several ownership interests in companies originating from the main business.

AS Bolaks will continue to produce healthy, high-quality seafood and maintain a focus on effective operations, fish health and welfare, quality and documentation of all activities and decisions. We look forward to helping write the next chapter in the fantastic story of Norwegian salmon farming!

Quality certifications

AS Bolaks is a GlobalG.A.P. certified producer. GloblG.A.P. (Aquaculture standard) sets criteria for legal compliance, for food safety, worker occupational health and safety, animal welfare, and environmental and ecological care.

Brood stock department is RSPCA Assured (former Freedom Food Certification) as well. The RSPCA Assured standard concentrates primarily on animal welfare. The RSPCA’s ethical food label found on salmon products means the animals involved have been reared, handled, transported and slaughtered to standards devised and monitored by the RSPCA.

In addition to our internal quality system, this means that we at any time are able to give full documentation and traceability for our products! Yearly our quality certificates are renewed by audits performed by accredited certification companies.

Magne Bolstad (left), Reidar Holmefjord and Trygve Holmefjord
aboard «Tryggholm»
Great catch of sprat for the crew of «Holmefjord».
Money from sprat fishing was invested in Bolaks.
Ella Marie Brekke Vangsnes wrote the book «Experience – our future. AS Bolaks 1975 – 2010» for the 35th anniversary.
The new «Tryggholm» from 2014, in action.
Bolaks employees in 2015
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